Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Italian Police Investigate Gar the Texan

I went for my usual crack of dawn swim and then while sitting here eating breakfast I saw that Gar the Texan had freshly blogged.

When Gar the Texan was in Italy a few weeks ago he told some amusing tales of drunken misadventures and troubling train rides.

Gar the Texan had to go back to Italy a few days ago. He is now safely back in Texas where he disturbed the Memorial Day peace and quiet.

While he was in Italy, this time, Gar the Texan came under police surveillance. Why, I do not know. Suspected of being a terrorist? He no longer has an odd hairstyle that could get police attention. He used to be a mullet head, which could probably land you in jail in fashion conscious Italy.

By his own admission that boy would likely not be married, at this point in time, had he not listened to my suggestion that he lose the mullet. Has Gar the Texan thanked me for this? I don't remember for sure...


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I copied this from Gar's blog; Personal Note With Lots of Cool Opinions...The first one was Durango. He, unwittingly, helped me end the rebound relationship. He also started trying to get me to get my haircut. I once had really long hair. We spent a lot of time out doing things I had never done before and we talked a lot.

Anyway, I attribute my haircut and my getting past my rebound to Durango (that's his stage name -- I can not give away his true identity on this blog).

Since you're so busy with swimming before the crack of dawn, eating healthy pizza, checking and rechecking travel facts...thought I'd ease your mind...yes, he did thank you...;)

Durango said...

Why thank you Miss Sleuth. I sorta thought I had read some sorta thank you, but I couldn't remember the details.

Gar said...

It was a very subtle thank you.

But it still wasn't a mullet.