Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big Butts, Ugly Women & The Hippie Hollow Nude Beach

I've mentioned before how there are strange patterns of search strings that bring people to this blog. The last couple days, once again, it's been a world-wide search for the "Biggest Butt in the World," that people are looking for more than anything else.

From the blog stats I can see that people in Saudi Arabia have a big butt fixation.

This morning I saw three people came to this blog after Googling something like "insomnia caused by ugly fat woman." I thought to myself, why would my blog come up with that search string? So, I typed "insomnia caused by ugly fat woman" into the search window and was appalled to see my blog comes up as #1 when someone searches for "insomnia caused by ugly fat woman."

I'd forgotten I'd blogged on this subject after I had a nightmare of being chased by several scary, ugly, fat women. The scary, ugly, fat woman, who was the source of the nightmare, bears an uncanny resemblance to the guy in the picture.

I'm likely going to have an insomnia episode tonight due to this subject being brought back to the forefront of my consciousness. I hope it doesn't turn into another sleepwalking trauma.

Speaking of traumas, I can see people are looking for info about Hippie Hollow, likely looking for something different to do this Memorial Day. If you've never gone to a nude beach, this might just be the different thing to do that you are looking for. If it weren't such a long drive to Hippie Hollow I might go there on Monday. Nothing I like better than communing with nature.

Which means I think I'll go pedal the mountain bike trail at River Legacy Park today.


Anonymous said...

There are a lot of nude beaches in the Portland, OR. area. I went to a couple of them when vacationing there a while back. Took me back to the old days, back in the mountains of Virginia where we never swam with anything on.
Which is why the naked bike ride facinated me so much I guess.
If you want to go around nakey, you can go to Midlothian. There is a nudist camp there. They have a nice pool which you might like.

Your nakey friend,

Durango said...

The only nakey places I've been are Wreck Beach in Vancouver, B.C. and Baker Hot Springs. I can't picture any beaches near Oregon. The closest I know of would be Pacific Ocean beaches. Please take me with you the next time you go to Midlothian.

Anonymous said...

The nude beaches I went to were on the Willamette River with woods hiding the beach from all the creeps with binoculars in the parking lot. But with all the waterfalls there, anyplace can be a nude beach when you get overheated while hiking. LOL
The next time I go to Midlothian,
you're on!


Durango said...

I am so looking forward to it. I wondered if you meant a beach on the Columbia or Williamette. In the northwest I don't recollect ever calling the land by a river a beach, but I dunno what you would called. The Riverfront? Oh, sandbar, I've heard it called that.

Anyway, I looked up the Midlothian Nakey place. Naturally Friends is the name. They have no website. But one in Decatur does.