Saturday, October 20, 2018

Pooling With Miss Daisy's Sun Lakes Gang

Miss Daisy took Big Ed and me on a late afternoon swim yesterday.

The photo documentation is possibly too small to see that to which I am about to refer, but immediately to the right of the palm trees on the left that is Miss Daisy in the shade with Big Ed dripping water after having exited the pool.

Meanwhile I remained lounging on a lounge chair.

On an early morning swim there are usually at most only three or four fellow swimmers.

Until 9 in the morning when a contingent of several dozen Sun Lakes ladies show up for their pool exercise class led by a stern martinet who must have terrified an all girl's school in her non-retired years. The swim exercise martinet comes equipped with a big boom box which she cranks up so loud it drowns out the hits from the 50s and 60s with are always providing background music until the loud martinet arrives.

We quickly exit the pool when that contingent of exercising Sun Lakes ladies shows up.

Yesterday multiple Sun Lakers told Miss Daisy she should get in the pool. One guy named Cliff even demonstrated how to use the device which helps automatically insert the walking challenged into and out of the pool.

Miss Daisy claims someone has purloined all of her swimming suits, hence no chance of going swimming.

Well, it is just about time to head back to yet one more early morning swim before the Sun Lake pool exercise club shows up. Maybe they take Saturday off....

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