Saturday, October 27, 2018

Desert Breeze Driving Miss Daisy Railroad To Chandler Vintage Chevys

Miss Daisy is not slowing up on her daily directions to drive Miss Daisy to yet one more new location.

The Miss Daisy energy level today was a bit surprising, what with staying up way past midnight waiting for game three of the World Series to come to an end with a win by the Los Angeles Dodgers over the Boston Red Sox

So today, on this final Saturday of the 2018 version of October, and the last Saturday of this current visit to Arizona, Miss Daisy put on the possibility agenda either going to the Downtown Chandler Vintage Chevy event to look at some old Chevrolets.

Or to another of the Chandler city parks, this time the Desert Breeze Railroad Park.

Riding the Chandler railroad won out as today's first destination. Above you are seeing Big Ed rolling Miss Daisy on one of the paved trails which trail all over this park, and around the Desert Breeze Park lake. In the location of the above photo the train tracks are between the photographer, me, and the train tracks.

Above the photographer, me, is on a grassy knoll, looking down on those aforementioned railroad tracks running along beside the rolling Miss Daisy.

There were a lot of people in the Desert Breeze Park today. Several large pavilions were full of people. From various locations barbecue perfumed the air.

Above Big Ed has left Miss Daisy beside the railroad tracks whilst he skittered off to do something else. The train's driver was hollering "all aboard" which had Miss Daisy thinking she was in danger. I assured Miss Daisy that I would have her out of the way of the approaching train before it arrived at her location.

Upon leaving the Desert Breeze Park Miss Daisy informed the driver she would now like a McDonald's ice cream cone. I said unless there was some objection I would go to the McDonald's on Arizona Avenue, across from Food City.

This met with Miss Daisy's approval.

After the acquisition of the ice cream cones Miss Daisy instructed the driver to drive south on Arizona through Historic Downtown Chandler. Upon reaching that destination it was quickly realized we were at the location of that aforementioned Vintage Chevy event. Traffic was heavy, movement was slow, and so we got a look at the old Chevys from the comfort of the Miss Daisy chariot.

I do not know what Miss Daisy has in mind for tomorrow. But later today my instructions are to return to Casa Daisy to make chicken noodle soup and other stuff for tonight's World Series game.

Have I mentioned I am tired? And that I am looking forward to being back in Texas. Words I never ever thought there would be circumstances arise where I would make such an utterance...

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