Monday, October 22, 2018

Driving Miss Daisy To Queen Creek Seeing Trump Pork While Looking For Jesus

Today Miss Daisy directed her wheels to be driven east, on Hunt Highway, eventually reaching the eastern fringe of the Phoenix metropolitan area, a town called Queen Creek.

Before we got to the location you see in the first photo, Miss Daisy had her driver drive her to the San Tan Mountain Regional Park.

Leaving that park, after being chased by a dune buggy, Big Ed surprised us by spotting an homage to Jesus on the side of a mountain which hovered over a church called Mountain View Church.

In that first photo we employed the old-fashioned method of taking a selfie, so that would be me reflected in the window, with Miss Daisy's van behind me. The location is called the Pork Shop. And next you will be seeing why I felt compelled to photo document that which I was seeing.

A caricature of Donald J. Trump, with a pig snout, spouting a version of one of his gibberish type sound bites, as in "THE PORK SHOP IS THE BEST PEOPLE".

I almost forgot to mention. Prior to stopping at the Pork Shop we rolled into the Queen Creek Olive Mill. A popular Phoenix area tourist destination. As we pulled into the parking lot it seemed like we were back on the west coast. Two California plated cars next to an Oregon plated car next to a Washington plated car, next to a Beautiful British Columbia plated car.

In the Olive Mill one finds multiple olive based products, and a restaurant from which one can buy edibles to eat inside or outside in the HUGE tree shaded patio.

I was expecting a lot of olives to sample. Instead there was only one olive sample. A huge stuffed green olive which packed a lot of jalapeno type heat. Miss Daisy took one olive bite and then choked out a request for something to drink. All I could see was various flavored olive oil samples. I asked Miss Daisy if Chocolate Olive Oil might relieve the stuffed green olive pain. Indicating a yes, via hand signals, Miss Daisy gulped down the chocolate olive oil.

THAT'S WORSE, Miss Daisy shouted. I took my own chocolate olive oil gulp and I have to say, chocolate olive oil may be the worst thing I have ever tasted. Soon I found us relief via a sun-dried tomato spread. Even so, Miss Daisy was soon requesting a McDonald's so she could get a mocha frappe so as to wash the horrible taste away.

Continuing on...

Above what you are looking at is the road which leads to the San Tan Mountain Regional Park, which would make that San Tan Mountain you see at the end of the road.

Leaving San Tan Mountain was when we found Jesus.

I am no accurate judge of such things. But is this tacky?

A replica of the cross on which Jesus was murdered. Along with a replica of the crypt from which Jesus disappeared, with the big stone crypt cover rolled aside so as to facilitate the exit of Jesus.

I do not know how Big Ed, who is seeing challenged, saw this as I zipped along at high speed. The Lord works in mysterious ways, so I am thinking for some reason He wanted Big Ed to see this and direct us into getting a close up look...

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