Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Incoming Disneyland Location Verification With Henry's First Words

I lost track of the number of times Miss Daisy has asked me if I have heard again from Sister Jackie or Sister Michele since they have been in the Disneyland zone.

I had multiple times informed Miss Daisy that I had heard from Sister Jackie when the cruise ship docked in Mazatlan. I recollect reading that message to Miss Daisy a couple times.

And then last night, after I left Miss Daisy's abode to return to my current home location my phone delivered the photo you see here.

The text with the photo did not say where exactly this photo was taken, but we can assume they are in or near Disneyland or Disney California.

Sister Jackie did say in the text with the photo that, "One day into Disneyland and I'm totally exhausted! Hope you are holding up!"

The original concept of this current trip to Arizona had me also going to Disneyland. But that plan changed in the year since it was first planned. I have no clue how me going to Disneyland would have been facilitated what with the Driving Miss Daisy part of this current trip to Arizona.

For those who do not know who you are looking at in the above photo. That would be my favorite brother-in-law, Jack on the far left, with his head on the shoulder of his first wife, Sister Jackie. Directly above Sister Jackie is Sister-in-law Kristen, then niece Ruby, Sister Michele, nephew David with nephew Theo on the far right.

Last night we also heard from Spencer Jack's uncle, my favorite Joey nephew, aka FNJ2. I had texted Joey telling him his grandma was asking if one month old Henry was talking yet. Joey then sent back some cute photos and audio of Henry "talking".  I will see if I can turn that audio into a format that I can put on this blog. But that must wait til later...

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