Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Papa Joey Sending Grandma A Hello From Henry

Last night I texted proud papa, my favorite nephew Joey, telling him I was once again at his grandma's and that grandma was wondering if Henry is talking yet.

Grandma did not really wonder such, I sort of made that up.

Soon thereafter Joey texted back with an audio message and text saying "Here is Henry saying hello to grandma".

I then played that audio for grandma, who then listened to it multiple times, smiling whilst doing the listening.

Tonight I was back at Miss Daisy's for pizza and baseball.

At some point in the third inning Joey texted along the line of I finally have something in common with grandma.

I asked Miss Daisy if she knew what she had in common with Joey.

Miss Daisy went blank. I then told her that both she and Joey have sons born on the same day.

Who? asked Miss Daisy.

Jake, said I.

Oh. Said Miss Daisy. When was Jake born, his mother asked.

September 26.

Oh, said Miss Daisy.

Anyway, I was able to turn Henry saying hello to grandma into a YouTube video...

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