Sunday, October 7, 2018

Flash Flooding Lightning Striking Windy Ride To Socorro New Mexico

The morning did not start well. Somehow on Saturday I developed the delusion that the end of Daylight Savings Time was to happen today..

And so Saturday I set all my clocks back an hour.

This morning I found out I was wrong when my phone and computer reported what I thought at the time was the wrong time.

This delusion resulted in getting out of town an hour later than I had planned.

Hours of thunder booming during the night made for a tired morning. I did not look forward to a long drive.

And then, just a few miles in, on Highway 287, past Iowa Park, before the Vernon exit on to 60 a flash flood covered the road. I did not realize this had happened til a truck ahead of me hit the water, causing a giant plume. I slammed the brakes, and then slowly made it though the water. A car had flown off the road heading the other direction, landing sideways in the flood. I hope no one was hurt.

Rain poured down, super heavy at times, all the way to New Mexico. Only a few miles were relatively dry. And then, deep into New Mexico, prior to Mountainair, on 60, all hell broke loose. Lightning was striking, thunder booming. I followed a big truck leading a caravan of fellow travelers traveling at a snail pace.

Eventually, about the time we reached scenic Mountainair, the clouds lifted, making for a dry descent into the Rio Grande Valley, where the Rio Grande was a tiny trickle when we crossed it.

Getting on I-25 and heading south was a relief, particularly after stopping at the cool rest area you see above. I have seen some interesting rest areas, in various resting places. This one is easily in the Top Ten.

That is Big Ed you see walking the boardwalk in the aforementioned rest area. Today was the first time Big Ed has seen a mountain since 2002.

Tomorrow we should arrive by mid afternoon in the Chandler/Sun Lakes zone of Arizona. I am hoping for sunshine and no flooding issues....

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