Thursday, October 25, 2018

Dreamy Draw Hiking Miss Daisy In & Out Up Piestewa Peak

Today, on this final Thursday of this visit to Arizona, Miss Daisy wanted to do some mountain hiking in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, specifically at the Dreamy Draw section of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, located on the north side of Piestewa Peak, which was our mountain hiking destination.

The paved trail leading from the parking lot was just a little steep. I was a slightly concerned about the going back downhill part of this hike.

But, Miss Daisy's new wheels have sturdy handbrakes which made for a safe descent.

For the most part.

Sand on the cement made for some slipping issues, both in uphill and downhill mode, but nothing too tragic.

I think Miss Daisy enjoyed her mountain outing a lot. Even more than the Walmart racing we did yesterday.

After hiking Miss Daisy directed the driver to continue on the 51 freeway, eventually exiting at Shea Boulevard, to Scottsdale Boulevard, and eventually Loop 202, where Miss Daisy directed the driver to go west on 202, but the driver rebelled and went east on 202, to 101, telling Miss Daisy he misunderstood her directions, that and the 101 is a straight shot south to Chandler Boulevard and the In & Out burger joint Miss Daisy wanted to go to.

When In & Out opened in Fort Worth I went with Big Ed to its West Seventh Street location for a Double Double Combo. I had been saying since 2004 that In & Out makes the best burger ever, having had two in Tempe in February of that year.

So, we had the Fort Worth In & Out Double Double, with fries. And it was not good. Not good at all. I did not concede to Big Ed that I also thought the Fort Worth version was bad, told him he had poorly developed tastebuds.

And now today Big Ed finally had an Arizona In & Out Double Double. And it was as bad as the Fort Worth experience. Super messy, and the fries seemed of the frozen sort we had had in Fort Worth. Barely edible, and so we ate few. And poor ol' Miss Daisy. She gave up trying to consume her Double Double in the conventional way and instead opted to deconstruct it for piece by piece consumption.

Last February Miss Daisy and I Double Doubled and Fried at this same In & Out and it was good, real good. So, I am thinking there is something wrong with Big Ed which causes problems with In & Out when he is in those burger's vicinity.

We are taking Miss Daisy swimming this afternoon. She has already been asking what we get to do tomorrow. I'm exhausted. Am looking forward to being back in Texas where I can relax.

And below is a short video I YouTubed of today's hike with Miss Daisy. In the video I can not remember the Dreamy Draw name of the location...

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Anonymous said...

That Big Ed guy needs to quit causing problems at In N Out!
- AZ anonymoose