Monday, October 1, 2018

Beto Willie Rally Recovery With Wichita Falls Sikes Lake

It's Monday.

I am almost recovered from Friday's Beto O'Rourke Willie Nelson Rally in Austin.

Biggest political rally to take place this year in America. I read somewhere it was way back in 2008, at an Obama rally, which drew more people than Friday's Beto Event.

I remember the time previous to the Beto Rally where I suffered a claustrophobic panic attack due to being crammed in close space with too many people.

Way back in 1986 at Expo 86 in Vancouver, B.C., pushed like sardines in a crush of humans making for the exits at closing time. I regularly have a nightmare based on that crushing 1986 experience. I have yet to have a Beto Rally nightmare.

Before I change the subject I feel compelled to say attending a Beto Rally gives one hope for America. And Texas. That truth, justice, kindness and decency are on the march across America. I am likely characteristically being overly optimistic, which is my nature, just like Brett Kavanaugh, always seeing the beer keg as half full.


A week from today, if all goes according to schedule I will be driving on Highway 60, somewhere between Socorro, New Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona.

I am not too fondly looking forward to this road trip to the west. The previous road trip to Arizona, in July of 2017, was just a little traumatic.

This morning I felt the need to get some soothing endorphins via mild aerobic stimulation.

So, I rolled my bike to Midwestern State University to enjoy the scenic serenity of the inland sea known as Sikes Lake. As you can see, above, clouds added to the scenery.

Hundreds of geese, ducks and swans were also enjoying the scenic serenity.

And then a testing of the tornado sirens erupted, sending the flocks of geese, ducks, swans, and me, into startled panic mode. 

Unlike the geese, ducks and swans I did not take flight. Instead I came to a quick halt.

I return from Arizona two days before Halloween. And then before you know it the dreaded Holiday Season will be in full swing, with Thanksgiving on the horizon, with, hopefully, a Big Blue Wave among that for which we can all be thankful...

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