Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Miss Daisy Drives Nervous Linda Lou To South Mountain Summit

Today Miss Daisy directed Linda Lou, Big Ed and me to South Mountain in south Phoenix.

The drive to the summit is adventurous, lots of tight curves and ups and downs.

Miss Linda Lou requested the vehicle be navigated near the center of the road, away from the drop off cliff, whenever possible.

Which was not often.

Miss Daisy estimated it to be about a four mile climb to reach the summit and lookout point that looks out from the north side of South Mountain for a panoramic view of a large part of the Phoenix metro zone.

At the aforementioned summit, at the marker device which points to the landmarks which one can look at, Linda Lou made the acquaintance of Coco, originally from Calgary, Alberta.

That is downtown Phoenix you see over Linda Lou's left shoulder.

Slightly northwest from the marker device Linda Lou photo documented Big Ed conducting an architectural engineering seminar explaining to those willing to listen the fascinating way the rock structure used a compression arch made of stone to support the roof of the structure. The seminar was well attended and Big Ed was pleased to be asked so many probing rock arch questions.

And here you sort of see one of those rock arches, looking out a window at one of the many peaks of South Mountain.

Tomorrow Miss Daisy is directing us north on the Apache Trail to Tortilla Flats where we hope to have lunch...

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