Monday, October 29, 2018

Mexico City With David, Theo & Ruby With Big Ed In Alamogordo New Mexico

What are looking at here are my absolutely favorite niece, Ruby, and her brothers, my absolutely favorite nephews David and Theo.

In Mexico City.

Last night, as in Sunday night, David, Theo and Ruby's aunt Jackie and uncle Jack returned to Chandler from two weeks of cruising to Mexico and Disneyland, along with some other destinations.

David, Theo, Ruby, and their parental units met up with aunt Jackie and uncle Jack for three days of exhaustion in Disneyland.

Sunday the trio's parental units flew with them to Mexico City where David became dizzy at baggage claim and then fainted. With a fall opening up a gash on this chin requiring a rush to an Mexico City ER where David got stitched up.

And now, early evening in Alamogordo, at my current motel location, the wi-fi has brought me multiple photos from Mexico City, including the one you see above. If you look close you can see the bandage on David's chin.

Part of the text message accompanying the photos...

We visited the canals at Xochimilco this morning and stopped by the National University. We rode on a boat and had lunch, got serenaded by mariachi bands and bought things we didn’t need. It was a blast. Theo is climbing on giant letters in front of the central library which is covered in amazing tile murals. Did Jackie tell you that David passed out in baggage claim yesterday and fell face first? His chin is glued. Super scary but all seems well now. 

I must go find the photo of Theo doing giant letter climbing...

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