Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Trouble Finding Linda Lou In Phoenix With Miss Daisy

Big Ed & Linda Lou
This is guest blogger Linda Lou here, apparently also known as Nurse Canecracker.

I arrived in Phoenix on time, but was out of the airport much sooner than I thought I would be.

I called the person I was expecting to pick me up, Mr. Durango, and learned he had not yet made it to the location where he was to pick up his brother for guidance to the airport.

About a half hour later I heard my name shouted and looked to the source to see Mr. Durango walking towards me. Soon thereafter I saw Big Ed who took over the carrying of my extensive luggage collection.

I was soon saying hello to Miss Daisy and Durango's brother Jake. I had not seen Miss Daisy in years, but had visited brother Jake in August of 2017.

Brother Jake then guided Mr. Durango out of the airport to take the scenic route back to his home location.

A few minutes later I found myself looking at the hiking trail which leads to the top of Camelback Mountain. I do not think I will make this hike.

The oddest thing I saw today was a giant vending machine that dispensed cars. I saw this soon after we left Jake behind.

The car vending machine was seen after we drove all around Old Town Scottsdale. I hope we get to go back and explore around that old town.

Eventually the driver, Mr. Durango, got on a freeway on which we zipped along at high speed. Before I could get any sense of bearings we were in Sun Lakes at Casa Miss Daisy. We dropped off Miss Daisy and then about a mile later I was at my home location for the next three days where I chose to boot Big Ed from his private bedroom and send him to the sofa bed in the TV room....

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