Friday, October 26, 2018

Driving Miss Daisy Around Chandler Veterans Oasis With Snakes

On this last Friday of October, also the last Friday of the current visit to Arizona, Miss Daisy directed her driver to drive her to Chandler's Veterans Oasis Park so as to explore, via paved trail, Chandler's most scenic oasis.

I have seen Veterans memorials in a town or two, but none as well executed as Chandler's. Chandler's is well designed, well executed and, unlike other such things I have seen in some other towns, not a mish mash of bad ideas borne of a committee decision which probably should have just been left on the drawing board with no money wasted.

The Chandler Veterans Oasis is stocked with a variety of fish, such as rainbow trout and channel catfish, and others I do not remember.

During Miss Daisy's drive around the Oasis we came upon many people with poles in the water. Such as the group you see above. None whom we queried were able to tell us of any fish catching luck.

The water in the Oasis is reclaimed for irrigation type use, and thus not suited for drinking. Or swimming, though no NO SWIMMING signs were seen. The water in the Oasis is clear, allowing fish to be seen swimming in search of a hook.

The area you see above is at the west end of the Oasis, with the trail leading to a large building housing the Veterans Oasis Park Environmental Education Center. In that building we saw a couple large live snakes and a live tarantula, along with multiple deceased, stuffed critters, such as a mountain lion, a bobcat and a desert fox.

Before today's trip to the Chandler Oasis Spencer Jack and Henry's grandpa Jake came to Sun Lakes for an early swim with his favorite brother. And then it was on to Miss Daisy where we made breakfast, whilst Jake pruned the orange tree.

After the Oasis visit Miss Daisy directed the driving to take us to the Arizona Avenue version of Costco for Costco free sample lunch, then to WinCo, then back home, where we left Miss Daisy rocking in her favorite chair. We will be returning in a couple hours for Miss Daisy's World Series Pizza and Chicken Party.

Anyone who actually knows me knows how excited I am to be attending this. I'm told the game can last three hours. Or longer. I shall bring diversions.

And below is a video I YouTubed of Miss Daisy's drive around the Chandler Oasis....

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