Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Driving Miss Daisy To Basha Gallery Before High Speed Walmart Chase

Today Miss Daisy directed her driver to drive north on Alma School Road so as to make our way to Basha Road where Miss Daisy wanted to show Big Ed the Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery of Western American and American Indian Art.

You are possibly thinking looking at the photo documentation that Big Ed and I left Miss Daisy in front of that painting after telling her it was a TV, but not to try and change the channel.

Well, you would be wrong thinking such a thing. Miss Daisy directed us on the entire tour.

The Basha Gallery is an elaborate maze of rooms and halls displaying an astonishing amount of Western and American Indian Art.

Paintings, sculptures, baskets, jewelry, and more.

Anyone visiting the Phoenix zone, who has an affection for this type thing, would have themselves a mighty fine time at this Chandler location.

The gallery is in a building which is part of a Bashas' warehouse area. I probably should mention Bashas' is a HUGE Arizona grocery store chain, started by a Lebanese immigrant named Najeeb Basha.

America used to kindly welcome immigrants from the Middle East.

Maybe I am just assuming such. Najeeb Basha may have made his way to Arizona before the territory became one of the United States.

Just a second I will go look.

Najeeb arrived in America in 1886, years before the territory became an American state. Najeeb Basha and his wife arrived in Arizona in 1910, two years before Arizona became a state. I am unable to determine what sort of reception Najeeb Basha and his wife received in America before they made their way to Arizona.

Anyway, the Basha Museum visit was fun. Then it was north on Arizona Avenue to Costco to stock up on heavy water so Sister Jackie does not have to hurt her back carrying it. And then it was back south on Arizona to Walmart where Miss Daisy instructed me to see if we could lose Big Ed who was pushing a grocery cart. I had not heard Miss Daisy laugh so much in a long time. And she seemed to have no concern that we were speeding at high speed in Walmart.

Tomorrow we are going mountain climbing to the summit of Piestewa Peak. Miss Daisy is coming along for the ride, but will offer no directional advice, seeing as how Miss Daisy says she has never been to Piestewa Peak. We shall see in the morning if Miss Daisy sticks to offering no directional advice....

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