Sunday, August 3, 2014

The First Sunday Of August With A New Hoodoo At A New Location On Fort Worth's Tandy Hills

On this first Sunday of August I was back on the Tandy Hills for some natural sauna time in Fort Worth's best natural area.

Today's hiking route took me from the summit of Mount Tandy, north over the Tandy Escarpment above currently dry Tandy Falls, then over the fallen log obstruction to head west up the hill to the location of the Tandy Hills Hoodoo Central Zone at the north end of the View Street trail.

In the picture you are not looking at today's Hoodoo at Hoodoo Central. That Hoodoo had been totally Humpty Dumptied. I was heading back up Mount Tandy, on the trail on the south side of Mount Tandy, when ahead of me I saw a Hoodoo where I'd not seen a Hoodoo before. I took a picture then turned the camera to video mode, which I YouTubed and is watchable below.

When I was last on the Tandy Hills, last Monday, when I made the turn to the parking zone on top of Mount Tandy I found my way blocked by that which you see below.

Last Monday I could not figure out what this contraption was doing. Today I was very surprised to make the turn towards the parking to find the contraption still doing whatever it is doing.

On a Sunday.

When I exited my vehicle one of the guys waved at me, so I decided to walk over to the contraption to ask what they are doing. The guy nicely explained it to me, but all I got out of the explanation was they are replacing the cables which keep the Tandy Tower vertical. And that it takes a long, long time to do so.

And below is the aforementioned video of the exciting discovery of a new Tandy Hills Hoodoo....

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