Sunday, August 10, 2014

A 10th Day Of August Elsie Hotpepper Happy Birthday

Elsie With Her Trademark Hotpepper
Years ago, way back in the first decade of this century, there was an incoming email or blog comment, my failing memory can not quite remember which, but the name of the emailer or blog commenter was instantly memorable.

Elsie Hotpepper.

In the years since I have received and sent a lot of emails and text messages to Elsie Hotpepper.

Way back when I first heard from Elsie Hotpepper, and for quite a while after I first heard from Elsie Hotpepper, I thought Miss Hotpepper was an elderly lady. I recollect way back then helping Elsie with something with me thinking what a nice young whipper snapper I am, helping this elderly lady navigate something technical.

I do not know for sure why I figured Elsie Hotpepper to be an octogenarian. Maybe it was the well-composed, articulate, properly punctuated, grammar error free nature of the Elsie emails which had me thinking she was of an older generation.

So, imagine my surprise upon first meeting Elsie Hotpepper in person. I think this occurred either at the Tarrant County Courthouse, the Fort Worth Stockyards or the Ozzie Rabbit Lodge.

I was expecting to meet a little old gray haired lady walking with the assist of a cane when this very young lady walked up to me and introduced herself as Elsie Hotpepper.

I was speechless.

Years later I found myself in a public location with Elsie Hotpepper, manning some sort of information booth, when a guy walked up to chat about the information we were dispensing. At some point this guy said something to Elsie Hotpepper like "it's cool you are doing this with your dad."

Elsie Hotpepper looked at me and I think we laughed simultaneously. The guy who made me Elsie Hotpepper's dad seemed perplexed.

Anyway, today is Elsie Hotpepper's 29th Birthday. Which means Elsie Hotpepper has a few years to go before she becomes that old lady of my imagination.


1 comment:

Elsie sez said...

Dearest Durango,

And fellow Leo...
While you are celebrating your birthday tomorrow, remember, you are STILL not old enough to be my father.

As you'll recall, there was alcohol being served as this event as I said something to another information seeker that caused him to drop his beer.

Clearly the first information seeker was drunk. Or just dumb...

Peace. And cake.