Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Stormy August Sunday In Texas With Lightning Strikes, Thunder Booms & Wandering Birthday Cards

This 3rd Sunday of August is being a stormy one at my location, that being the tiny burg of Fort Worth in a state called Texas.

There was some slight brightening in the dark sky when I entered the outer world this morning to make my way to the pool. Due to the time, as calculated by my clock, I believe this was soon after sun rise, but no sun was visible through a thick cloak of clouds, other than the slight brightening.

Seconds after getting in the pool lightning began to strike, thunder began to roll and rain began to pour.

In other words I had myself a mighty fine time swimming in the rain this morning, along with some very special Mother Nature sound effects.

In the picture we are looking at the post swim view of the pool and the storm clouds as seen from my elevated patio vantage point.

Yesterday I got a bit drenched trekking to the mailbox for my daily search for a missing card from my mom and dad. That was a totally unexpected drenching which felt very good. However, the wet card search was to no avail.

Searching for a missing card from my mom and dad is an annual event which begins on August 11 when I call my mom and dad to wish them a happy birthday, due to that day being the day their eldest was born. Each year I say, "Happy Birthday" to which my mom  asks "Did you get a card?" To which I annually reply "No".

After it is established that no card had arrived this signals the beginning of a week of queries inquiring if the card had arrived yet, with me always saying I'll call (or text) if it arrives. On Friday mom called, whilst I was driving, with the latest card query.

Somehow the missing card issue had compounded itself due to random phone calls from a foreign sounding voice somehow leading to the suspicion that the caller had somehow come into possession of the missing card.

And then yesterday, Saturday afternoon, my phone lights up with an incoming call from mom and dad. I answer to hear my mom ask "Guess what?". I then said, "I dunno, the missing card arrived back in your mailbox in Arizona like it does every year?".

To which my mom asked "How did you know?"  I did not reply that I made that educated guess because this happens every year.

This year's addressing problem and resultant failed delivery was due to forgetting that an address needed  a number, as in "701". Apparently in a big city simply having a person's name and the name of the street the person lives on is not sufficient information for a successful card delivery.

Every year the missing card gets stuck in a new envelope and re-mailed. It is once again in transit to Texas. Maybe with a full address on the envelope this time.

But, we will not know that until the card arrives...

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Fort Worth, the tiny burg of family, food and Frogs and their fatuous fixation with Dallas.