Friday, August 8, 2014

106 Degree Heat Warning In Texas While Arizona Suffers A Cold Spell At 101

For the first time this HOT season, unless I am remembering wrong, which would not be the first time, my location on the planet comes in #1 heat-wise, among the several towns whose temperature I monitor due to my temperature fixation.

In the middle of the afternoon on this second Friday of August, Fort Worth is sizzling with a National Weather Service HEAT ADVISORY because the outer world is currently being heated to 103, with the humidity making that outer world feel as if it actually being heated to 106.

Meanwhile up in my old home zone of Mount Vernon, Washington I would be shivering at 70 degrees.

Further south, in Tacoma, I would be shivering even more at 67. Maybe the Tacoma Connie D would be able to warm me up.

If the Tacoma Connie D was not able to de-chill me I could head over to Eastern Washington where Tootsie Tonasket is not being chilly due to her outer world being naturally air-conditioned at 84.

Visiting my mom and dad in Arizona would provide no heat relief, though it is colder than Texas at 101.

A couple minutes ago I texted my mom and dad to tell them I'm being hotter than them. They just texted back that they are having a below average cold spell.

I really don't think 101 degrees should be referred to as a cold spell....

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