Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Next To Last Hot Sunday In Texas

As you can see via the pool view from my patio this next to last Sunday of August it is yet one more almost clear blue sky day in Texas, with just a few wispy white clouds to break up the blue monotony.

This is being the coldest summer I have experienced since I have been in Texas. Yet I am finding myself being vexed by the HEAT more than in Texas summers past.

Is it because I've added a lot of weight with its resultant insulating heat gain?

No, that is not the cause of my HEAT aversion. I've lost weight this summer, skinnying down to my skinniest since the summer of 2008.

Speaking of which, I realized yesterday that this past August 20, that on that day six years ago, as in August 20, 2008, I returned to Dallas, via Love Field, from a month in Washington. A month which seemed much much longer than a month.

Six years is the longest I have gone without a return to Washington. When I left Washington I said it'd be 20 years til I returned. So, I guess I have 14 years to go. Maybe I'll make it back for Spencer Jack's college graduation.


Anonymous said...

Harvard is not in Washington State.

Durango said...

Anonymous, when I saw your comment I had no clue why you were telling me Harvard is not in Washington state. Then I re-read what I'd written and realized you are right, going to Spencer Jack's college graduation likely will not be taking place at any of Washington's institutions of higher learning. I've never been to Harvard. Or Yale. An excuse to go to either will be a good thing....