Saturday, August 16, 2014

Apparently A New Version Of The New ISIS Is Threatening To Come Soon To Fort Worth

In the past week or two direct threats to America  have been made by the idiotic barbaric miscreants who have co-opted the relatively sane religion of Islam, whilst Blitzkrieging across Iraq, delusionally thinking they are establishing a medieval caliphate while brutalizing an already brutalized Iraqi population with the worst brutality yet, far out-doing anything of which Saddam Hussein was ever accused.

Or did I miss, among the bogus Bush claims, such as the claim Saddam was hiding weapons of mass destruction, that Saddam also had the heads of little kids chopped off to be displayed in Iraqi city parks?

I know I am totally ignorant about all things political, particularly anything going on anywhere else in the world, but I know I could more willingly get behind the idea of sending in American troops to save little kids from barbaric head chopping monsters than I could get behind the idea of sending in the American troops to rid Iraq of imaginary weapons of mass destruction.

I digress.

So, the leader of the band of barbarians that was calling itself ISIS, before shortening the name to IS, threatened that the barbarians would be visiting America soon, places like New York City and Washington, D. C.

No mention has been made, that I know of, by the barbaric leader of the ISIS barbarians, of a threat to come wreak their warped, sicko brand of havoc on Fort Worth.

However,  today I saw evidence that maybe the ISIS barbarians are much more long term planners of murderous mayhem than anyone has credited them with being.

And that Fort Worth is a target.

How else can one explain the existence of a building in the Fort Worth Stockyards called the New ISIS Theater?

With the New ISIS Theater's billboard threatening, in very fractured English, "COIG ON THE NEW EW ISIS".

Which I translate to be saying, "COMING SOON THE NEW NEW ISIS".

So, the new ISIS is coming soon to Fort Worth? That should put Fort Worth on the national and international radar screen for the first time in its history.

But, I don't think this will likely make other towns, far and wide, green with envy.....


Jerry said...

Growing up in FW during the Cold War, I still remember clearly the national news report one night in the late 1970's that the city was listed as among the top ten targets for Soviet strikes in case of war between the super powers. That news was both surprising and terrifying since FW has felt in so many ways like a small town, both the positive and negative characteristics that usually attaches to small town life.

It was only many years later that I realized why that report made sense. And it had nothing to do with anything that would make "the world green with envy."

Can you guess why small-towny little ol' FW made for such a prime target for Soviet bombs?

Durango said...

My only guess would be the sprawling airplane building complex in west Fort Worth. I can not think of anything else the Russkies would want to bomb in FW.

Jerry said...

Bravo, Durango. General Dynamic (now Lockheed Martin)was the major producer of cutting edge American aviation technology and products, namely sophistcated bombers and fighter jets, much like today's uber sophisticated and costly Joint Striker jets. Of course, Carswell Airforce Base (now Naval Joint Reserve base) was and continues to be used for testing the technologies and training some some of the best military aviators.

The Commies were concerned about the other manufacturers of aviation equipment and technologies located in nearby cities in Tarrant County, especially Bell Helicopter which is the leader in their sector.

Oh yea, those Reds were green with envy over all the "world class" things FW leaders brag about, like the powerful purple Horned Frogs of TCU. Ha!!