Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fosdick Fountain Fizzles While Fort Worth's Favorite Blowhard Calls Mary Kelleher A Puppet

I'd not visited Fosdick Lake in Fort Worth's Oakland Lake Park lately. Til today.

Upon arrival at the park's east side parking lot I immediately noticed something was missing because I was not seeing the white spray of Fosdick Fountain spouting above the lake.

Exiting my motorized transport device I soon saw that the former Fosdick Fountain has been reduced to a sputtering stubby version of its former self.

It has been at least a year since the mysterious appearance of Fosdick Fountain, suddenly spouting with no apparent fountain building project having been in evidence. And now something has turned down Fosdick Fountain's volume. Is Fosdick Fountain now in slowly disappearing mode?

Speaking of blowhards.

Whilst walking around Fosdick Lake I got a text message telling me that the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy referred  to John Basham and Mary Kelleher as being puppets of Dallas puppeteer Monty Bennett.

That's the translated version. The actual text message said "Dud called John and Mary Bennett puppets."

I wonder if Bud Kennedy knows that a lot of people  refer to him as Dud?

I don't know why Bud Kennedy seems to have such a grudge against Mary Kelleher. Does it have anything to do with the fact that Mary Kelleher, and her supporters, refused to talk to Bud Kennedy on the night of her stunning, record breaking TRWD board election victory?


Anonymous said...

It looks like the Tarrant Regional Water District has hired a hatchet man to attack Mary Kelleher and John Basham. At the same time he is propping up Marty Leonard and Jim Lane.

Texan at large, Dud Kennedy continues to look for more Fort Worth Way boots to lick. My comment is gross, I know, and I apologize for the sickening thought regardless of how accurate it is.

Dud Kennedy the Fort Worth Fubbo.

Durango said...

The Fort Worth Fubbo? The Tacoma Fubbo is a Fat Ugly Beast with Bad Body Odor. I do not know if the Bad Body Odor part of the name is applicable to Mr. Kennedy...