Monday, August 11, 2014

Rolling My Wheels In Fort Worth's Gateway Park After A Happy Birthday Mom Call

On this day in August, many decades ago, in a town in Oregon named Eugene, my mom and dad's first baby boy was born.

Which is why on my way to Gateway Park today I called my mom and dad to wish them a happy birthday, well, more my mom, since mom did most of the work on this day, long ago.

I'd not rolled over the Gateway Park mountain bike trails in well over a week, as in, I think, two Saturday's ago.

As you can see, via my favorite photo op location in Gateway Park, the sky is currently mostly cloud free, despite the forecast today for thunderstorms.

With rain.

Yesterday in the afternoon a thunderstorm popped up, with lightning bolts and thunder. But no rain hit the ground at my location. That struck me as odd. I suppose the air is so overheated that falling rain evaporates before it hits the ground, hence the extreme humidity.

Early this morning I was pool bound for almost an hour. I think  that is a record, pool time-wise. And then in the noon time frame I rolled my bike's wheels more miles than any time previous in Gateway Park.

The result of all this excessive aerobicizing is I am currently in a state of Euphoric Endorphin Bliss. Also known as EEB. I do not recollect the last time an EEB  bout was a  blissful as this current EEB bout.

If anyone wants to annoy me, with minimal repercussions, now would be a good time do so, whilst I am in EEB mode....

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