Sunday, August 10, 2014

Celebrating Elsie Hotpepper's Birthday In Arlington On A Village Creek Bike Ride With The Indian Ghosts

Today I celebrated Elsie Hotpepper's 29th birthday the way I celebrate all of Elsie Hotpepper's 29th birthdays.

That is by driving to Arlington to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area to roll my wheels with the Indian Ghosts who haunt this location on the planet.

On the way to Village Creek I needed to get gas. After getting gas I did something I'd not done in awhile, as in call my mom to tell mom  I got gas and how much it cost. That and the temperature. We always compare temperatures.

No one answered the mom and dad phone, so I left a message saying I got gas that cost $3.19 and that the temperature was nearing 100.

In the above picture my handlebars have stopped under the shade of a tree near the Village Creek Bayou Overlook. I stopped at this location because I remembered another call I needed to make. That call was not gas related. It was coffee related.

I noticed something just a bit disturbing as I zipped along the Village Creek paved trails. Only a third of August gone and leaves are beginning to fall, a harbinger of the coming fall when all the leaves fall.

I was not the only person aerobicizing today with the Village Creek Indian Ghosts. I saw multiple bikers and walkers and joggers. The heat and the humidity left me a bit dizzy when I rolled my last. I don't get how anyone manages to jog in this HEAT in the midday time frame.

I was feeling a bit light-headed by the time I got to ALDI to get some needed vittles. I was so light-headed I did not realize I'd re-installed my t-shirt incorrectly. I was in line to buy my ALDI stuff when an inquiring lady behind me asked if I knew my shirt was on backwards. I said I did not know this and inquired as to why the lady thought my shirt was on backwards. She then informed me that one does not often see pockets on the backs of t-shirts.

I was planning to go rolling on the Gateway Park mountain bike trails tomorrow. I may re-think that plan....

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