Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Not A New Tandy Hills Hoodoo Honey Posing Like Kim Kardashian

I'm sure you're thinking that which you see on the left is a new iteration of the Tandy Hills Hoodoos, a horizontal version of the usual vertical Hoodoo, which we might describe as a Tandy Hills Hoodoo Honey.

Well, I did not find this Hoodoo Honey on the Tandy Hills, I found this Hoodoo Honey on Facebook, via Tootsie Tonasket.

Comments regarding the Hoodoo Honey work of art debated whether it was depicting Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj.

I sided with the Kim Kardashian side of this important debate.

I'm thinking this Hoodoo Honey might inspire the Tandy Hills Hoodoo builders to branch out in a new direction, including horizontal Hoodoos along with the vertical.

Horizontal Tandy Hills Hoodoos would not be as easily toppled over by a brisk gust of wind.

It might be a bit challenging to find rounded rocks on the Tandy Hills, so the Tandy Hills Hoodoo Honeys would likely not be quite as voluptuous as the Hoodoo Honey above, but more angular and rough around the edges, which is fitting for a Fort Worth Hoodoo Honey....

1 comment:

KimK-a-phobe in FW said...

I must add some common sense here. Rock balancing is a work of art whereas using rocks to symbolize Kim K's big butt is not.