Friday, August 8, 2014

I Did Not Fasten My Seatbelt For A Bumpy Ride In My Fort Worth Neighborhood

It seemed like a good idea at the point in time I thought of it, that being rolling my wheels on the non-sidewalk paths I see when I walk the sidewalk which surrounds the block in which my abode is located.

I have rolled my wheels a time or two in my neighborhood, but those times I head west on the sidewalk which runs along some of Boca Raton Boulevard, exiting Boca Raton to roll up and down the hilly, tree-lined side streets.

Today I planned on going off-sidewalk all the way down the hill to Randol Mill Road. Soon after I started rolling on the dirt path I discovered the path was a bit erratic and the rolling not too smooth.

I bailed at the first opportunity, taking a side street back to Bridgewood Drive, which leads home. Those are my handlebars above in the picture, pointing south, sitting beside the road, on a narrow path which would be a sidewalk in a non-third world country.

Pedaling on this bumpy narrow path with traffic incoming at high speed was not pleasant.

I won't be repeating today's experiment.

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