Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Walk Through The Tandy Hills Jungle With Multiple Hoodoos & No Cicadas

Due to the Hoodoo, well, actually, Hoodoos, you can likely guess that I was back on the Tandy Hills on this 13th day of August.

Have I been on the Tandy Hills already in August? I don't remember.

I headed to the hills today because the relatively chilly temperature in the low 80s had the concept of getting some endorphins via aerobic stimulation sound appealing.

Early this morning I had already had some endorphin acquisition via a long bout in the pool, starting soon after the sun arrived to share illumination duty with a very big  moon.

As you can see there were duo Hoodoos at Hoodoo Central today on the Tandy Hills.

One short stubby Hoodoo with a taller Hoodoo tower towering over the stubby Hoodoo.

I prefer my Hoodoos to be tall, rather than stubby.

The last time I was on the Tandy Hills I was surprised by a new Hoodoo erection on the east side of the hills.

That east side Hoodoo still stands, as you can see above. Have we not had any Hoodoo toppling winds of late?

One thing I noticed today was no cicada noise.

Cicada noise is a good sound effect for a jungle, which had me missing the cicada insect symphony in the video below of today's hike through the Tandy Hills jungle zone.

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