Friday, October 25, 2013

Running A Stop Sign In Richland Hills Texas Will Get You Strip Searched & Jailed

Richland Hills is a town in Texas whose southern boundary is a short distance from my location in East Fort Worth.

Richland Hills is a dry town, while Fort Worth is soaking wet.

Which is the reason why a short distance from my abode there are several liquor stores selling liquids to people from Richland Hills.

This morning I learned something about Richland Hills that totally disgusted me.

Remember how back during the days of the Evil Empire, known as the Soviet Union, we'd hear horror stories about the KGB knocking on someone's door and hauling innocents off to the Gulag? How America would shout about the need for freedom, for liberty, for human rights, for all people?

In Richland Hills, this past August, a woman named Sarah Boaz was ticketed for not stopping at a Richland Hills stop sign. Sarah Boaz did not take care of this ticket in the accelerated timely fashion required in Richland Hills.

Wednesday morning Sarah Boaz was leaving her home to drive to her job when she was met by the Richland Hills City Marshal with a bench warrant for her arrest.

The Richland Hills City Marshal then handcuffed Sarah Boaz and stuck her in the back of his police cruiser to be hauled off to the Richland Hills Gulag, I mean, jail, where Sarah Boaz was ordered, by a female officer, to remove all her clothes, to stand against a wall and to not make any moves that might be interpreted as being aggressive.

So, this is what life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has come to in some parts of America?

Handcuffed and strip searched because you did not stop at a stop sign and did not make the extortion payment in due time?

A bench warrant?

Doesn't that mean a judge had to sign off on this arrest?

So, how many people with ZERO common sense do we have in positions of authority in Richland Hills, other than the 3 we already know about, but whose names we do not yet know, those being the arresting marshal, the police officer doing the strip search and the judge issuing the arrest warrant?

Could not a case be made, you know, by a lawyer, that Sarah Boaz was the victim of a crime? Strip searched? Handcuffed? For a 60 day old traffic ticket?

Would it not be poetic justice for the judge, marshal and strip searching cop to have warrants issued for their arrests for their crimes against the person of Sarah Boaz,  with that trio handcuffed, hauled to jail and strip searched?

To read more about the Sarah Boaz Richland Hills abuse case go to the DFW CBS website and read their Woman Endures Strip Search & Jail Time For Overdue Ticket article and watch video of their coverage of this outrageous incident.

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Anonymous said...

Richland Hills is unlike their name...definitely not rich, very tiny, and hardly any hills at all. With so few residential properties to provide a tax base combined with many commercial properties sitting vacant (including this region's first Sam's Wholesale club warehouse off of Baker Blvd./10), they have to resort to these lowly tricks to bring in money to pay their many police officers and their vehicles. You should see how big a police force this dinky little town has.