Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Today I Found A Hoodoo Sprouted On Fort Worth's Tandy Hills

No, that is not a hoodoo in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park you are looking at.

What you are looking at is a man made hoodoo in Fort Worth's Tandy Hills Natural Area, located at the point where the View Street Trail junctions with the trail which leads to Tandy Falls.

I may have been lost in my thoughts yesterday when I walked by this location, but I really don't see how I could have missed noticing this.

Seeing this man made hoodoo caused me to think of the recent incident of hoodoo vandalism in the aforementioned Goblin Valley State Park, which had me wondering if those idiot Boy Scout leaders who knocked the rock over had been brought to justice yet.

So, when I got back to a computer I Googled to learn, via the Wikipedia article about Goblin Valley State Park, the following...

"In October 2013 three Boy Scout leaders who had been camping in the area with a Church of Latter Day Saints group decided to intentionally knock over a hoodoo. The Scout leaders recorded the illegal act and posted it on social media. Dave Hall and Glenn Taylor were subsequently dismissed from their leadership roles within the Boy Scouts of America."

Utah's redrock zones are just about my favorite part of the planet that I have visited. Something about redrock just makes me feel good. I remember the first time I saw redrock. I was heading south on Utah Highway 89, turned east on Highway 12 and soon came upon a sign informing me I was heading toward Red Canyon. A few minutes after that I saw why it was called Red Canyon.


Not knowing that I was going to be seeing a lot of redrock  in Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, I stopped and took a lot of pictures. On film. Digital had not yet been invented.

I wonder how long the Tandy Hills Hoodoo will last before falling victim to a rogue Boy Scout troop. Or the wind?

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Steve A said...

Lots less Mormons in Texas than Utah.