Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Starting To Feel SAD Looking Out My Window In Texas

Looking out my computer room window, this morning, the view is a bit foggy due to the extreme temperature differential between the outer world, which is chilled to 54 degrees, and my inner world, which is significantly warmer.

Looking out the window you can see the turquoise of the pool through the fog.

I had myself another swimming in the rain experience this morning.

Two mornings in a row of swimming in the rain has me ready for the return of blue sky.

A few more days of this Pacific Northwest stereotypical winter type gray, drippy weather and I'll start getting SAD, as in Seasonally Affected Disorder.

Speaking of the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday, or the day before, Spencer Jack's grandma sent me a couple photos from the top of a location called Big Rock. Big Rock is located about 2 miles east of where my abode was located in Mount Vernon, Washington.

The little town of Mount Vernon has two rather simply named protuberances. Big Rock and Little Mountain. Little Mountain is taller than Big Rock, as in Little Mountain is tall enough that there is a hang glider launch at the top of Little Mountain.

I have no idea where the nearest hang glider launch is at my current location. Colorado?

Compared to my current location Mount Vernon is way hillier. I did not have to drive anywhere to get in some hill hiking when I lived in Mount Vernon. All I had to do was walk out my front door.

I blogged about Big Rock on my Washington blog in a blogging titled The Skagit Valley's Big Rock With Spencer Jack's Grandma Cindy & The Nookachamp Star Child Falling From The Sky.

I wonder why I never got SAD when I lived in Washington......

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Steve A said...

Forecast for the next week in Ocean Shores - sun every day. BTW, Ocean Shores makes DFW look hilly, as you know.