Sunday, October 20, 2013

The 3rd Sunday Of October Getting Negatively Ionized In Fort Worth

I did not feel like rolling my motorized wheels anywhere this 3rd Sunday of October to get myself some aerobically induced endorphins.

With the temperature now being no where near 100 degrees it once again becomes feasible to go on an extended walk in my mostly shade-free neighborhood.

So, I walked to the scenic wonder which is my neighborhood greenbelt, where there is no shade, but there are tall towers supporting power lines.

I think walking under the buzzing power lines may provide some negative ionizing, along with the internally generated endorphins, both of which had me feeling mighty fine by the time I got to Albertsons to get this week's ink edition of and a bunch of cilantro.

Is 'bunch' the word one uses to describe a collection of cilantro sprigs? Sounds right to me. Now I'm wondering about that 'sprigs' word. Suddenly I am filled with doubt. This feeling likely will not last long.

Swimming did not go well this morning. At that point in time the air was chilled to only 8 degrees above freezing. The water did not feel much warmer than the air. I did a couple laps in the pool then retreated to the hot tub, then back in the pool for a couple laps, then back in the hot tub. I think I did this vicious cycle 5 times. It was very refreshing.

Well, enough of that cold talk, it's time for lunch. Scalloped spuds with ham and cheese wraps, well, ham and cheese rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla. Is that a wrap? I know it's not a bunch....

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