Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Chesapeake Energy Mark Of 6699 Is Upon My Neighorhood

Returning to my abode this morning I saw that my neighborhood Chesapeake Energy Barnett Shale Natural Gas Pad Site has installed a new sign I had not noticed before.

The new sign towers above the gas pad site, which makes it sort of noticeable, which sort of indicates to me that it is a newly installed sign.

Then again, I am often not a very observant person, so maybe this sign has been sticking up in the air for a while now and I only noticed it today due to the troubled background of a stormy sky.

Due to the storminess mentioned in the above paragraph today I opted out of driving anywhere to get some exercise via walking or hiking.

Biking is not an option today due to yesterday's flat tire still being flat.

So, I took a walk to my Chesapeake neighbor's location to snap a picture of the new sign. And the stormy gray sky.

So far not a lot of rain has fallen at my location. I was looking forward to swimming in the rain this morning, due to the forecast seeming to predict that precipitation would be precipitating today. But I had a dry swim, except for the water in the pool.

Isn't the number 6699 sort of dire sounding? Almost biblically dire? Like Chesapeake is doing the devil's work, drilling holes deep into the devil's lair, then shooting chemicals into those holes to break up the shale, causing gas to be ejected.

Yes, sounds like the devil's work....

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