Monday, October 7, 2013

Where Did Fort Worth Weekly's Best Rabble Rouser Of 2013 Go?

What you are looking at on the left is the cover of Fort Worth Weekly's Best of 2013 issue.

This issue came out a couple weeks ago. Today, a couple weeks later I'm finally getting around to verbalizing my issue with this FW Weekly issue.

For several years now, once a year, FW Weekly solicits input from its readers regarding what those readers think is the Best of in various categories for that particular year. In this case, the year 2013.

The categories have titles like "Getting & Spending," "Good Grub", "Culture", "On The Town" and "People & Politics".

For ones votes to count one has to vote a prescribed number of times in a prescribed number of categories. I was hard pressed to meet the criteria, but eventually did so.

Now, I really do not have all that great an issue with the outcome of FW Weekly's Best of 2013.

However, in the "People & Politics" category I do not remember being asked to vote on something like "Candidate Most Likely to be Caught Flagrante Dilecto in a Parking Lot with an Illegal Alien Abduction", or something like that. But there it was, in the "People & Politics" category, with Jim Oliver, of the TRWD, getting the alien distinction.

While I did not see the candidate for illegal alien abduction being one of the things I, as an online submitter, was asked to submit, I most definitely do remember being asked to submit my opinion as to who the Best Rabble Rouser was in 2013.

I, like I am sure did many others, wrote down Elsie Hotpepper as Best Rabble Rouser.

But, for some mysterious reason, in neither the print edition of FW Weekly's Best of 2013, or the online edition, does the Best Rabble Rouser category exist.

I feel this Rabble Rouser omission warrants an explanation. I suspect no explanation will be forthcoming.

I really can  not see myself going through the excruciating process of filling out FW Weekly's Best of online form in the future, if the effort is for naught....

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