Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Facebook & AT & T Need To Be Regulated Better & Stopped From Sending Unrequested Text Messages

Yesterday I got the text message you see on the left. I did not open it til today.

Why did I open it today?

Well, I was having a pleasant conversation with a pleasant person when my phone made its annoying new text message noise.

I looked at the phone and saw it was a text message which said...

"Sheila (friends with Chris) also commented on Chris's status."

The rest of the text message was Sheila's comment on Chris's Facebook status.

What fresh hell is this I sat and wondered? The pleasant person I was conversing with then told me that yesterday she got the text message I also got yesterday, but did not open til today.

That is the text message you see above, informing me that Facebook SMS is now on. And that I'll be getting updates about friends on Facebook. And that I can make it stop by replying stop.

And so I stopped this annoying thing by replying stop.

Now, why did this start happening without me asking for this? A couple days ago I got a text message from AT & T telling me that my account from bankrupt Hawk Electronics had been transferred to AT & T.

The only way Facebook has my phone number is through AT & T.

How is this legal to start sending unrequested text messages? I don't do much texting. I am still on a phone plan where I pay for each incoming and outgoing text message. Needless to say, I will not be paying for these Facebook text messages.

And does this mean that comments I have been making on Facebook have been being sent to people who have AT & T accounts?

This is an abominable outrage and something really should be done to fix it.

And Facebook really needs to go the way of MySpace....

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Steve A said...

Last time I got a text from ATT was to tell me data would not be free and unlimited while I was in Canada. The warning was much nicer than a bill.