Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Day Before Halloween In Texas Promises To Be Stormy With Thunderstorms & Possible Tornadoes

I am vertical this day before Halloween, last Wednesday of October, before the arrival of the sun and its daily dawning of light on my part of the planet.

So far no precipitation has precipitated at my location, near as I can tell.

That balmy 77 degrees should make for a pleasant pool time this morning, even if I don't get to go swimming in the rain.

The rest of the forecast for today looks to be a bit adventurous. Thunderstorms, with some of those being severe, windy, downpours, large balls of hail and maybe a tornado.

I am still 20 minutes away from the scheduled arrival of the sun and its attempt to light up the outer world through what I suspect is a thick layer of clouds.

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