Monday, October 28, 2013

Sundance Square Plaza Opens Friday Under Teflon Umbrellas In Downtown Fort Worth

On the left is a scanned image of a full page ad I saw this morning in this week's Fort Worth Weekly.

The ad is very clever. Near as I can tell, two things are being advertised.

Sundance Square and Sundance Square Plaza.

The ad has 15 lines, starting at the top, each line gets shorter til the last line is only 4 words.


The last line says THIS IS THE PLACE TO...

And directly below THIS IS THE PLACE TO... we see that that place is SUNDANCE SQUARE.

Those who are familiar with other towns and their public squares may be thinking that Sundance Square is one of those type public squares. One would be wrong thinking that. What Sundance Square is is the downtown Fort Worth collection of parking lots, restaurants, hotels, galleries, clubs and stores, covering a multi-block area.

Well, having signs pointing to something called Sundance Square confused many of the millions of tourists who visit downtown Fort Worth, with those tourists perplexedly inquiring where Sundance Square is as they are standing in one of the parking lots they just parked in, finding themselves being told they are in Sundance Square, then continuing to be perplexed as they ask "So, this parking lot is Sundance Square?" to be told that no, it is not just this parking lot.

The powers that be who came up with the Sundance Square idea decided it was time to alleviate the tourist confusion and get downtown Fort Worth an actual public square, so the locals could point those millions of tourists to an actual Sundance Square.

Only, well, we've got a problem. Those powers that be somehow thought it a good idea to name Fort Worth's new downtown square SUNDANCE SQUARE PLAZA.

So now tourists can ask where Sundance Square is to be told it is all around you, and then when further inquiring as to why there is no square in Sundance Square to be told that for that you need to find Sundance Square Plaza.

Sundance Square Plaza has its Grand Opening with a three day celebration starting this Friday, November 1. Sundance Square has its own website touting the wonders of what will be happening at Sundance Square Plaza in Sundance Square. That is a screencap of the Sundance Square website below.

A blurb from the website about Sundance Square Plaza and its Grand Opening celebration...

Join us for the Opening Celebration of the highly anticipated Sundance Square Plaza, November 1-3. Come and go during this weekend celebration. Enjoy music and fun while taking in the new sights of the 36-foot Teflon umbrellas and the 216 jet water feature. See the wave wall and much more! Enjoy this 55,000 square foot space, bookended by two new beautiful buildings: The Westbrook and the Commerce Building will be sure to impress. This Sundance Square Plaza is the new heart of downtown Fort Worth. Come celebrate with us!

I am so looking forward to seeing those Teflon umbrellas....

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Anonymous said...

Super hefty Bud Kennedy claims that Sundance Square originally had a square. He offers up an old Sundance Square advertisement as proof of his claim. The rendering and ad copy doesn't prove anything to me.