Friday, October 18, 2013

On This 3rd Friday Of October A Storm Is Brewing With Fort Worth Suing Chesapeake Energy

In the picture you are looking south, on the secure side of the dire looking security fence that protects me from intruders most of the time.

As you can see, this 3rd Friday of October has some storm potential at my location on the planet.

When I had my early morning swim early this morning the sky was mostly blue, with a few clouds zipping by, blowing in to town from the south.

Speaking of blowing in to town.

A few years ago Chesapeake Energy blew in to Fort Worth, full of hot air, spewing propaganda, making all sorts of deals, promising all sorts of riches to all sorts of people.

Well, the times have changed. Chesapeake Energy is currently being sued by various people and entities. Today I learned the City of Fort Worth has joined the suing Chesapeake Energy crowd. I learned about this when Elsie Hotpepper pointed me to an article in today's Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The article makes no mention of the role the Star-Telegram has played over the years in acting like a cheerleader in support of all the holes being poked into Fort Worth and all the fracking that went into those holes.

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