Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Chilly Wednesday Roll Through The Gateway Park Jungle Thinking About Liposuction & Cheeseburgers

On this second Wednesday of October my handlebars rolled themselves to their semi-regular photo op location on the Gateway Park mountain bike trail at a location high above a cliff high above the green Trinity River.

Bike riding in chilly temperatures, without over heating every time I stop, is being enjoyable.

Swimming in chilly temperatures is not being quite as enjoyable as the chilly bike riding.

However, this morning the water in the pool felt warmer than the air, which is why I think I quickly got acclimated to the cold and had  myself a mighty fine swim just as the sun showed up to make its currently feeble attempt to heat up the outer world at my location.

Changing the subject.

Of late I have been aware that I have lost weight.

I was not making any particular attempt to lose weight. This just happens sometimes, I think due to an imbalance between calories burned via exercise and calories ingesting via eating. Well, that is sort of obvious. But, it's not so obvious when it happens when one is not trying to shrink.

The last time I went into personal body size recession mode started in May of 2006 and continued through August of 2008. During that period of time I shrank by over 35 pounds. I was skinny.

From August of 2008 til a couple months ago I regained those lost 35 pounds, plus added a few extra. I told myself it was all muscle. Til the last 5 or 6 pounds got layered on I was able to maintain that self-delusion.

Regarding the issue of gaining weight, I am a bit concerned about Elsie Hotpepper and her imaginary weight gain. Elsie is harboring the delusion that she has morphed from her former svelte super model size to being a bloated balloon.

Just a couple days ago liposuction and gastric bypass surgery entered into the Elsie Hotpepper weight loss discussion.

I can not imagine getting liposuction or having a surgery to alter my digestive system. It seems as if it would just be way simpler to increase the number of calories burned and decrease the number of calories eaten. It really is not rocket science.

Since last week I have been trying to stabilize the weight loss.

Hamburgers loaded with cheese and bacon seem to help....

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Steve A said...

If the burgers fail, add nuts and liquor!