Friday, October 11, 2013

Walking With Indian Ghosts To The Village Creek Yellow Flower Bayou

Yesterday, if I remember right, my only walking exercise was walking to Albertsons to get this week's FW Weekly.

Yesterday, in addition to that short Albertsons walk I also had myself a mighty fine early morning time in the cool pool getting a good dose of endorphins, some of which may have been attained via the shivering method.

I had myself a fine time this morning, also, in the less cool pool.

Today I augmented my pool time with some endorphin inducing walking with the Village Creek Natural Historical Area's Indian ghosts. Along with a number of live humans.

As you can see above, the former Village Creek Blue Bayou has morphed into the Village Creek Yellow Flower Bayou.

I don't know if this sudden sprouting of yellow flowers in the formerly blue bayou is a function of the ongoing drought, or what. I do know I've not seen yellow flowers in this location before. I also do not know what type yellow flowers these are. Perhaps Fort Worth's renowned horticulturist, CatsPaw, can identify them.

Speaking of the ongoing Great Texas Drought. The next couple days some rain is predicted to fall.

A deluge would be a good thing, though a drought ending deluge is not in the forecast. I suspect if rain does fall, it will be of the light sort, not the drenching Texas downpour sort I learned to like early in my Texas exile before I learned flash floods are not a good thing.

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