Saturday, October 5, 2013

A First Saturday Of October 15 Degree Temperature Drop While Swimming

As you can see via the patio view of the outer world, at my location, this first Saturday of October looks to be a day with a storm brewing.

I entered the outer world later than the norm this morning for my regularly scheduled early morning swim. That late swim began a couple minutes before 8.

At that point in time there was still some blue showing in the sky.

Before I entered the outer world I saw on my computer based temperature monitoring device that the outer world was being heated to 76 degrees, which is relatively warm for an October morning.

The pool felt about the same temperature as the air, which made for a very pleasant pool entry.

And then, as the hour of swimming progressed the amount of cloud coverage also progressed. The clouds appeared to be blowing in from the west.

As I continued swimming I started thinking that the air was feeling cooler than the pool. When I exited the pool the air definitely felt much cooler than when I entered the pool.

And now I am back at my computer based temperature monitoring device where I see the temperature has dropped 15 degrees. It is now 61 degrees in the outer world at my location.

So far, no rain, but I suspect that may soon not be the case. I'm thinking there is a good chance that I won't be able to take a picture at my regular Saturday photo op location in Gateway Park today due to incoming moisture.

My back up plan will be to go on a walk under a bumbershoot and then go to Town Talk. That bumbershoot plan will be aborted if lightning gets thrown into the storm mix.

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