Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Having Myself A Mighty Fine Time Not Biking On A Golden Brown Trail

No, that is not me, pedaling on a trail rendered golden brown by freshly fallen leaves.

The person pedaling in the photo has two tires which are not flat. I still have not gotten around to de-flatting my rear tire.

My injured foot was feeling a lot better today. So much better that when I walked to the pool this morning to have myself a mighty fine swim I totally forgot to limp, because I felt no pain.

The outer world was heated to 71 degrees when I had myself that aforementioned mighty fine swim. There was no need this morning for a hot tub retreat to curb any shivering.

I suspect the same will be true for the coming few days, if the weather predictors are correct with their predicting.

If the weather predictors are correct regarding their precipitation predicting I will likely be having myself a swimming in the rain mighty fine time tomorrow morning.

I forgot to mention, it was to Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area I took my slight limp for a walk with the Indian ghosts who haunt this part of the planet where they used to live in peace before the Texans issued their eviction notices.

I am hearing an electronic beep which indicates it is time for a mighty fine lunch. Chorizo, pizza and salad.

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