Sunday, April 21, 2019

Wichita Falls Goslings Find Tacoma Easter Egg Hunting David, Theo & Ruby With Hopping Henry

On this 2019 version of Easter Sunday I opted out of anything to do with ham, instead making Polish tacos with Kielbasa.

But, before that gourmet feast there was no way I was not going to have some outdoor fun on this most perfect day yet of the year.

It does not take much for me to think I am having fun. Today that meant I had fun rolling my non-mechanized wheels north on the Circle Trail, then taking the Wichita Falls Beverly Hills route to the Midwestern  State University campus, where I stopped in the shade near the MSU fountain to check incoming text messages which had been making noise as I rolled along.

Among the text messages was one inviting me virtually attend a Tacoma Easter Egg Hunt with David, Theo and Ruby, plus a couple dozen more egg hunters.

But, before I virtually went to Tacoma I rolled my wheels around Sikes Lake, where I saw the Easter appropriate scene you see above. A couple of goose parental units with their newborn flock of goslings.

A few days ago I made mention of the fact this goose family has been the victim of a heinous crime, that being the Murder of Uncle Fynn.

So far no one has been arrested for the shooting death of Fynn.

Now, on to that virtual Tacoma Easter Egg Hunt, before we do some Hopping with Henry. I think I forgot to mention we would be Hopping with Henry today.

Above we see the 9th Annual David, Theo and Ruby Backyard Easter Egg Hunt moments before the ribbon was cut to start the hunt.

There were 32 Egg Hunters this year. Ranging from not quite one year old, to one teenager of 13.

It appears David's basket is empty of eggs. This photo must have been taken early in the hunt. As you can see David is a University of Washington fan. I don't know if he is already taking classes. He is a bit of a Sheldon, if you know what I mean.

Of course Ruby excels at finding Easter Eggs.

Ruby's Uncle Jake and I were masters at this when we were David, Theo and Ruby's age.

Many a Golden Egg we would find in the Easter Egg Hunt which took place across the street from our abode, in Burlington's Maiben Park.

Binoculars, along with parental units who did not tell us it was cheating, may have helped with those Golden Egg discoveries.

And then there is Theo.

Of course this Egg Hunting speed demon managed to fill his Easter Egg basket. I

And then a few miles north of Tacoma, in the Skagit Valley town of Clear Lake, we have Spencer Jack's cousin, Henry, doing some Easter Bunny Hopping.

When Henry's Great Aunt Jackie was Henry's size she did her hopping in a device we called the Jolly Jumper. I do not remember if the Jolly Jumper was still around by the time David, Theo and Ruby's mama Michele was of the Jolly Jumping size.

Easter is barely half over and I'm already worn out, what with miles of bike riding, visiting goslings, virtual egg hunting and hopping with Henry.

It's time for a nap. Or another Easter Taco...

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