Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Attending Mary Kelleher Cooper's BBQ Shotgun Birthday Party Fundraiser Plan Thwarted

I was part way on my way to Fort Worth, heading to Cooper's BBQ, in the Fort Worth Stockyards, due north of Billy Bob's, when I learned via a text message that Elsie Hotpepper was going to be in attendance, and contagious.

So, with myself having an irrational fear of being exposed to germs and viruses which can cause coughing, congestion and headaches, I took the first opportunity to turn around and make my way back to a contagion free space.

I was looking forward to helping Mary Kelleher celebrate the latest anniversary of the day she turned 30, at her combo Birthday Party and Fundraiser.

I heard rumors there would be coconut cake. I like coconut cake. A lot.

I also was hoping to have the winning raffle ticket getting me a Mossberg 410-500 Pump Shotgun, including a box of shotgun shells. And a case to carry it all.

I was looking forward to mounting this on my pickup window. If I was able to get the appropriate licenses, permits and what not needed.

A lot of tickets have been sold to the Mary Kelleher Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar B Que Happy Birthday Party.

Cooper's is a large venue, with plenty of outdoor space for the crowd to spill into, what with the outer world heated to an extremely pleasant temperature, sort of a Mother Nature birthday present for Miss Mary after the recent bout of unseasonable chilliness...

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