Friday, April 19, 2019

Salubrious Sikes Lake Wichita Falls Wildflower Walk

Today I opted to follow my pseudo doctor's advice to stay off my bike and go on a long walk instead, because, according to that pseudo doctor's analysis, my aching joints are due to too much time spent sitting on a saddle and not enough time spent vertical in walk or hike mode.

And so today I took a long walk to Sikes Lake.

I was not long into walking before I realized it had been a long time since I had done such a thing. I soon found walking conducive to thinking about things I might not have thought about whilst engaging in the more active activity of riding a bike.

That and whilst walking I was easily able to stop and smell the roses. Well. Primroses. As in Evening Primroses, currently in their annual bloom mode.

Above you see a patch in the pink at Sikes Lakes.

Walking along whilst thinking I dwelled a moment or two on a subject which has grown old, as in I've grown tired of a particular subject. With that subject being the Texas town I used to live in.

Fort Worth.

This morning's Fort Worth Star-Telegram had way too much mocking material. Three front page headlines right in a row which caused a head shake and eye roll. Below are those three headlines, without the headlines linked to the actual pitifully embarrassing articles...

Why Fort Worth hopes sports is the tourism ticket

This north Fort Worth neighborhood will soon be getting a brand-new liquor store

Consultant for Amazon HQ2 explains how Fort Worth missed out

Anyone who has previously read what I have made note of about Fort Worth can probably guess what I might point out in these three articles.

Two of the three are examples of Fort Worth's tendency to delusion, as reflected in the town's sad excuse for a newspaper.

One of the three is just an embarrassing front page headline to see in a newspaper in a town of over 800,000 population.

I am sort of falling behind in pointing out embarrassing things I've been reading in the Star-Telegram. Maybe I will get around to catching up. Maybe not....

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