Thursday, April 4, 2019

David, Theo & Ruby Throwback Thursday To Mesa Arizona

Today is Thursday, the first day of that type in the April version of 2019.

I do not recollect ever previously participating in that "Throwback Thursday" thing which is so popular in some venues.

But, last night I was looking through photos I took last month whilst I was in Arizona, and saw some which caused me to think why not do that Throwback Thursday thing with some of these photos from last month?

The day after the first Thursday of last March, that being Friday, March 8, I had myself the funnest day I have had so far in 2019. I previously made mention of this fun day in David, Theo & Ruby In Mesa's Riverview & Pioneer Parks.

And before we got to those Mesa parks we were Riding Horses With Miss Daisy, David, Theo & Ruby.

Which was the start of that fun day.

Above that would be Ruby swinging in Mesa's Riverview Park. This park is adjacent to Mesa's version of Chicago's Wrigley Field. After we finished with playing on the Riverview Park playground, we went into the Chicago Cub's merchandise store where I was surprised by its size and the variety of Chicago Cubs merchandise.

As who in their right mind would want underwear themed to a baseball club's logo, among other similar silly seeming products?

Along with items which seemed way less silly.

Like t-shirts, jackets, sweat pants, swimming suits, socks, banners, bumper sticker, drink containers of various sorts and other stuff other than underwear.

Back to Mesa's Riverview Park.

Theo is a good climber.

Above we see Theo atop an adobe structure. That would be brother David, in the background, texting his mother with the information that Theo is stuck atop an adobe structure.

After we finished with our Riverview Park climbing and shopping at that Chicago Cub store, we made our way to Mesa's Pioneer Park, which is just slightly to the northeast of Mesa's downtown.

Above you see Ruby pushing a couple kids on a tandem swing, with brother Theo on the opposite side of the swing. I had not previously seen this clever type swing in any of the parks I've visited over the decades. Behind the swing you see part of the enormous, futuristic complex of playground attractions which make this park something the likes of which I had not seen before.

A closer look at that enormous, futurist complex of playground attractions. I believe that is Mama Kristin we see walking on the elevated boardwalk which renders this enormous, futuristic complex accessible to those whose means of motion is sitting on a chair with wheels.


And here we see David pointing the way for Aunt Jackie to roll Miss Daisy across a section of that aforementioned elevated boardwalk.

I believe that is the aforementioned Mama Kristin we see above in front of that green doored structure.

Miss Daisy dubbed the above the best of this type facility she has ever used since using a chair with wheels to roll around the world. The ease of the accessible special section was of a design which one would think would be universally used.

Also clever in the above design is the hand washing water supply is accessed from the outside, thus easily used by someone in picnic mode in need of a hand washing, or access to running water.

I had intended to take a photo of the equally well designed restroom facility in Riverview Park, but I forgot.

Those reading this who live in Fort Worth, who have little awareness of America beyond their town's borders, Mesa is a town adjacent to Tempe and Chandler. Both Tempe and Chandler have successfully lured corporate relocations and developments which Fort Worth has unsuccessfully tried to lure.

It might behoove those who delude themselves to think Fort Worth has any chance at luring such to take a trip to some modern American towns and make note of some of the differences between Fort Worth and those towns.

Such as city parks with ZERO outhouses. Towns with multiple public pools. Towns with amenities free of admission charge to the public. Towns without boarded up eyesores at the heart of their downtown. Towns without embarrassing pseudo public works projects boondoggling along for decades. Towns with streets with sidewalks. Towns with landscaped roads.

Well, you get the picture, and now we throw Thursday back to you...

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