Monday, April 22, 2019

Wichita Falls Sikes Lake Fynn Family Goose Portrait Posing

What with today being the last day for a couple days with the outdoor world guaranteed to be dry, and lightning strike-free, at my location I decided to go on a long bike ride this morning.

And so it was back for a couple times around Sikes Lake as part of that bike ride.

My first stop at Sikes Lake was at the bucolic bayou scene you see here, with my handlebars pointing west, atop one of the two signature bridges which cross Sikes Lake.

Bridges built over water in less than a year, with no corrupt local congresswoman's son in charge of the building project.

Yesterday slightly north of this bridge I came upon the Fynn Family of Geese and Goslings. I looked for them at the same location today, and found them absent.

But a few minutes later, after crossing the signature Sikes Lake bridge at the north end of the lake, I came upon the Fynn Family at a new location.

I do not think the newborn goslings are yet certified to fly. I also do not know if they have yet been certified to swim. All I have seen them do is be mobile on land, such as when I saw them today in marching mode.

Did the Fynn Family march all the way from the other side of the lake, bravely crossing a bridge?

The geese were in a slightly shady location which was rendering the photo taking not optimal in the lighting department. I tried various settings and eventually just asked the Fynns if they would mind just posing for me whilst I quickly took their picture.

And so, mom and dad stood aside while the five siblings stood still for the photo you see above. And then a loud honk from mom or dad, or both, got them marching in line again.

I was not the only Goose aficionado taking photos and video of the Fynns today. They have become quite a tourist attraction.

Speaking of tourist attractions.

A couple days ago I mentioned three headlines I saw on the front page of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, all in a row, all which had my eyes rolling and head shaking in wonderment. At the time I indicated I had sort of worn out of feeling motivated to have fun making mocking fun of this type nonsense in Fort Worth's pitiful excuse for a newspaper of record in a town of over 800,000 population.

But, today, whilst pedaling, that Why Fort Worth hopes sports is the tourism ticket headline came to mind and had me thinking of all the reasons such an idea is embarrassingly ridiculous, and indicative of a larger civic pathology, which is reflected way too often in that town's one and only newspaper.

Maybe later today or tomorrow we will get around to talking about Fort Worth's forlorn hope to turn sports into a tourism ticket, in a town with few tourists, and few tourist attractions...

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