Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunny Sunday Two-Headed Goose Sikes Lake Sighting

Thunderstorms thundered through my zone of North Texas, off and on, Saturday night til the sun arrived this last Sunday of the 2019 version of April.

Judging by the puddled pools of water which remained under the now sunny Sunday sky the rain fell in copious amounts last night.

Even so, I am glad I decided to brave the elemental remains to find myself having a mighty fine bike ride, north on the Circle Trail, then through the Wichita Falls version of Beverly Hills, to the MSU campus and then Sikes Lake where I saw that which you see above.

The rumored two-headed goose and its flock of baby geese, more properly referred to as goslings. Today's flock of goslings was much larger than previous sightings of the Sikes Lake newborns. Only a few of the goslings are seen with the two-headed goose.

There appeared to be three separate goose families, all allied together in what appears to be a Goose Tribe. The perimeter of the Goose Tribe is defended by three extremely aggressive honking Goose Guards.

Being stealthy I was able to get past the Goose Guards to take the closeup of the gosling group you see here...

And the ultra closeup of the shy gosling guy you see here...

And that brings us to the end of today's communing with nature...

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