Sunday, April 7, 2019

April Showers Sunday With Circle Trail Windfalls

Yesterday, on the first Saturday of the 2019 version of April, it was not doable to go ride a bike during my usual bike riding time of the day, due to a bout of rain with occasional thunderbolts rendering outdoor activity temporarily unseemly.

But today, that being the first Sunday of the 2019 version of April, a bike ride was doable during my usual bike riding time of the day.

For the first mile of today's rolling on the Circle Trail I saw no evidence of yesterday's storm. And Holliday Creek was little more than a trickle.

And then I came to that which you see above. A tree, or a big branch of a tree, had fallen, or was blown on top of the Circle Trail, prevented from a total fall down by the fence you see straining to remain vertical.

As you can also see via the above photo, the Rains of Spring have rendered North Texas with a predominantly green color scheme.

Soon wildflowers will be adding some additional color to the dominant green. And then all that color will fade and the dominant color scheme will be my favorite.

Multiple shades of brown...

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