Thursday, April 11, 2019

Arresting Record News Today From Tacoma's Queen V

Now this is a bit of interesting unexpected news I learned this morning via Facebook.

Apparently I am going to be arrested, along with Tacoma's Virginia D, known as Queen V, for somehow accidentally breaking into a house whilst intoxicated on bath salts.

Yes, that sounds likely.

Currently Queen V is under house arrest in her Tacoma abode. Multiple government vehicles are blocking all traffic in an out of Queen V's Tacoma compound.

One of the government vehicles is a large bus type conveyance, painted with flowers, making it look like a bad version of a Hippie's VW bus.

The flower laden bus has multiple antennas on its roof, suggesting it may be the command vehicle, or maybe it is now openly monitoring Queen V electronic communication.

We do not know, yet, if this Tacoma police action is in any way related to the Julian Assange arrest in the UK. Queen V has previously denied having any contact with the Wikileaks leaker.

I am fairly certain Bravo is still filming the new season of The Real Housewives of Tacoma, so we may get to see today's Queen V drama at some point in the future...

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