Thursday, April 18, 2019

Two Egrets With No Regrets Monitoring Wichita Falls Rapids

When the sun arrived this morning I opened my bedroom window and heard the roaring of my neighborhood rapids.

The loud rapid roar had me wondering if last night's predicted thunderstorms, with heavy rain, softball sized hail, and possible tornadoes had struck in locations other than my location, which was peaceful all night long, with rain falling on other locations adding more water to the already heavily watered Holliday Creek.

The morning local news brought no info about any storming in the area adding to last Saturday's flooding.

Coming up on noon I exited my abode to push through the wind gusting on the Circle Trail to take a closer look at my neighborhood Holliday Creek rapids.

The rapids did not look all the much more rapid than they looked the day before. I have no idea why the rapids were roaring noisy this morning.

If you look close at the above photo documentation of those rapids you can see an egret on both sides of the whitewater, hoping, I assume, to catch a fish floundering through the high water.

Speaking of flooding. There was fresh nonsense in this morning's Fort Worth Star-Telegram, with the nonsense coming from TRWD board incumbents answering questions about the ongoing TRWD boondoggle scandals. I don't know if I can muster caring enough to point out the absurdity of what those two incumbents are propaganda-izing. It gets sort of tiring doing so...

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